How to Get a New Title for your Car?

Purchasing a car, even with a bill of sale, may mean that you walk away without the title for the vehicle., a private company, can help you when you have no title but a bill of sale through the Vermont process or by getting a lien release letter for your newly purchased car.

Using Bill of Sale to Obtain Title

Sometimes cars or other vehicles are purchased and while there is a bill of sale, there is no transfer of the title. When this happens and the car is over 15 years old, we usually recommend the Vermont method*, which allows you to register your car in the state of Vermont (no you don’t need to reside in or purchase the vehicle from this state). They will issue a registration document and license plates that you can take to the DMV in your state, after which they will issue a title in your name. For more information about this process, visit our Bill of Sale Without Title page.

*This method is not accepted in all states. If it is not accepted in your state, we recommend using a bonded title. You can contact us by phone at (605) 608-3050 or online .

Vehicle Lien Release

Another common obstacle to getting a title in your name is an outstanding lien. If a bank or other financial institution has failed to report that the loan has been paid, the DMV will need to remove the lienholder from the title using lien release forms/documents before they can issue a title in your name. While you can do the paperwork for this on your own, we have found a process that works smoothly to help you through the specific process, which includes:
-Searching the DMV records to find both the lien holder and the last titled owner.
-Preparing a DMV lien release for the vehicle.
-Sending a letter to the lien holder that includes pre-stamped and already addressed envelopes for them to send the title or any other necessary forms.
Once you receive the title lien release letter, you can take it to the DMV to have them remove the lien from the title record and have the title put in your name.You can contact us by phone at (605) 608-3050 or online .

Get Your Title Today!

If you own the car but haven’t received the title from the bank (even though you paid it off), inherited it, lost the title before you were able to change it to your name, or just didn’t receive a title when you purchased it, we can help! We serve every state in America and can help you. You can contact us by phone at (605) 608-3050 or online .