DMV Duplicate Title

Applying for a duplicate car title may be necessary if you have misplaced yours. If the title was previously in your name, this can be a straightforward process that includes completing an official application, with your signature on the original printed document, and visiting the DMV in the state where the title was issued. Once they verify your identity, the DMV can print a duplicate copy that is the same as the original document.

To obtain a duplicate title if you were the last titled owner, simply visit your state DMV's website and complete the necessary forms for Application of Duplicate Title. You can contact us by phone at (605) 608-3050 or online .

Get Your Title Today!

If you own the car but haven’t received the title from the bank (even though you paid it off), inherited it, lost the title before you were able to change it to your name, or just didn’t receive a title when you purchased it, we can help! We serve every state in America and can help you. You can contact us by phone at (605) 608-3050 or online .