How to Get a Title for a Car with a Bill of Sale?

There are a variety of circumstances in which you may purchase a car, but the owner does not have the title available. If the car is over 15 years old, registering the car in Vermont and later taking the registration and license plates to the DMV in your state of residence may be an option to consider. can help make this process easier for only $385. If you would like to do it yourself, we also have the forms available . letter for your newly purchased car.

Bill of Sale but No Title

If you are buying or inheriting a car without a title in hand, using the Vermont process is the least expensive option. If the vehicle is from the year 2007 or older (at least 15 years old), you can use a basic bill of sale in the state of Vermont to transfer ownership of the vehicle to you and have it registered in your name. Even though Vermont is the only state that allows a bill of sale to transfer a title, you do not need to live in Vermont. Additionally, the bill of sale for the car can come from anyone (not just the owner listed on the previous title) and the vehicle is not required to come from Vermont.

To obtain a car registration form through the Vermont process you will need: a vehicle that is over 15 years old to pay the registration fee and show a bill of sale (the bill of sale form can be handwritten or typed and should include the VIN, purchase price, purchase date, buyer, and seller information)

Once these documents are received, Vermont will issue you a registration/ownership document, as well as license plates. You will need to present these items to your local DMV to receive a title in your name.

Please note: all states do not accept this form of registration. Check with your state before using this method. If your state does not accept it, you can use the bonded title process .

Get Your Title Today!

If you own the car but haven’t received the title from the bank (even though you paid it off), inherited it, lost the title before you were able to change it to your name, or just didn’t receive a title when you purchased it, we can help! We serve every state in America and can help you. You can contact us by phone at (605) 608-3050 or online .