Getting a Car Title is a private company that is committed to helping people obtain a vehicle title from the DMV. While we do not issue these government documents (it must be done by the agency in your state), we will help you with the forms and other paperwork you need to prove that you own the vehicle. Although the DMV is always looking for a reason to deny your application, we have the experience needed to help you get it approved!

There are many ways to obtain a vehicle title, and we will help you with the best way for your case. We have extensive experience in a variety of situations and specialize in the following:

To make it easy for you to obtain the title you need, our website has all the forms, documents (including instructions), and videos to help you through the process if you would like to do it yourself. If you would like us to handle the paperwork, we can prepare everything you need for only $385.

Our orders include:
  • all processing fees
  • Vermont registration fee paid
  • bond fees (up to $100)
  • state title fees (up to $50)
  • pre-paid mailing envelopes
Additional fees that are not included:
  • sales tax
  • lien payments
  • penalties and past due balances
  • inspections (if needed)

Once the paperwork is ready, we will submit the forms to the DMV, who will bill you if any taxes are due.

Get Your Title Today!

If you own the car but haven’t received the title from the bank (even though you paid it off), inherited it, lost the title before you were able to change it to your name, or just didn’t receive a title when you purchased it, we can help! We serve every state in America and can help you. You can contact us by phone at (605) 608-3050 or online .